Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My Current Project

I have been assigned a twenty page paper for the bulk of my grade in my History of Islam to the Ottoman Empire class.  Here is my thesis statement:

In the seventh century of the Common Era (C.E.) the Prophet Muhammad began to spread the idea of monotheism through the Arabian Peninsula.  He did this with a claim that the one true God had spoken to him, in Arabic, through the angel Gabriel.  Muhammad was initially met with skepticism and hostility, but by the time of his death his message had begun to take hold such that the religion of Islam was beginning to flourish and within 100 years of his death was the dominant religion of the Middle East.  This paper will examine the manner in which Muhammad and his immediate followers spread Islam and built a society based on the ideals of universal justice as articulated in the Qur’an, and compare their methods with the spread of Christianity in the first century C.E. by the Apostle Paul.
            The position taken by this paper is that there is no way to know if any god or God spoke to Muhammad or to the Apostle Paul or if Jesus of Nazareth, aka Jesus Christ, is/was God or the Son of God or was a prophet of God, or if there even is a “God.”  Therefore this paper will approach the actions taken by the Prophet Muhammad and the Apostle Paul, as well as any and all other individuals, as actions taken by human beings exercising their own free wills.


  1. Rewrite the last paragraph; dump the "is/was", think about the "god or God" thing, loose "aka", and are you really going to cover the infinity of "as well as any and all other individuals".

    To adhere to the assignment as stated don't you have to tie everything to the Ottoman Empire? Or is that the title of the class and not the assignment? Well, I am sure you are destined for the top slot in class, hang in there boy I know your peaking at the right time, a scholar and a gentleman, if I could be that I would have amounted to something.

  2. - notacynic -

    Here are some questions worth considering:

    What does God's voice actually sound like?
    How do I know if I'm hearing God or if it's my own thoughts?
    Does God speak through the Bible—or only teach?
    How do I know if a word I give or receive is from God?
    How does Christian dream interpretation and the prophetic differ from what psychics do?

  3. Thanks YF, as you see this is still a rough draft. Something to work with. Our topics can be narrow enough to exclude all sorts of characters and events. Plus, we never actually did make it to the Ottomans.

    Whit, those are great questions which will have to go unaddressed in my paper. ; )