Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Last Night

Atheists, Humanists, & Agnostics

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Hi atheists, whats happening?
Meeting #21: Arguing Religion!
Given that this will be our last meeting of the year, we figured it's about time to disprove god.
Thus, we'll be talking about the best tactics/arguments against the existence of god.
Same old time: Monday, April 25th at 7pm
Same old room: 375 Van Hise Hall. 
Also, after the meeting, come join us for some beverages at The Rathskeller!

I decided to attend this "last meeting of the year" because I hadn't attended any yet and I had meant to at least check them out.  I wound up doing most of the talking.  They are all younger than me and I would say "in a place" where I no longer reside.  Kind of argumentative, like the whole purpose of "discussion" would be to defeat the "other side's" arguments and, as is referred to above, "disprove" God.
I don't think they quite knew how to take me.  One of them (there were about 15 others) would throw out an idea, what if I say this?  That'll settle things, right?  So I'd jump in with, well, I would say, if I was on their side, such and such.  And he'd be stymied, like, oh, I hadn't thought of that.  So I'd say, well then, you would probably say ... and then he'll say and then you'll say and in about two more moves you'll have reached the point where you both realize that he can't "prove" that there is a God and you can't prove there isn't, that he's willing to take it on faith and you are not and you're finished.
There was one guy who had some interesting and at least semi-original questions (that would supposedly stump a monotheist) but they were more philosophical "what ifs" than arguments in support of his position.   

And, there was one especially young guy, probably a freshman or something, who seemed a bit upset by some of my assumptions about the validity of the synoptic gospels as a reliable "source."  He thought I was just making it up as I went, I think, when I started talking about Mark being written first and then Matthew and Luke using some of Mark's sources, or even Mark himself, plus having their own sources, at least one in common with each other and why did only Matthew tell us about the slaughter of the innocents and why Bethlehem in the first place and yada yada yada.  I'm not sure why he was there, tagging along with a friend, or what.  Or maybe he's trying to hear the other side of things.
Anyway, I'm not sure if they'll want me back.  ;  )



  1. Sounds exhausting, thank God I'm an agnostic.

  2. I thought all those writers were supposed to be inspired by God to write the Gospels. ;^)

  3. Seems like I've heard that too, Whit. ; )

  4. Confusing all those poor young minds! Lucky they don't arrest you for child abuse.

  5. Yes, well certainty doesn't look good on an atheist. Plus, they invited me. ; )

  6. I am confused. Are you an athiest or an agnostic? But, damned good writing. Read every word...


  7. Can't I be both, Sarge? An agnostic claims he has no knowledge of "God." Many people believe that "God" is "unknowable."

    An atheist doesn't believe in the existence of a "God." He sees no reason to.

    I have no knowledge of and don't believe in the existence of "God." The two seem to fit well together.