Sunday, February 16, 2014

Latest Letter, Sent Just Now

Sunday's guest column, 'Madison, Respect Freedom of Speech' misses the mark.  The writer calls for greater respect for his rights to speak 'freely,' in defense of his group's 'right' to ignore the privacy rights of others.  While it's true that the Constitution protects our right to speak freely it does not grant any right to make someone else listen, as the Court has clearly stated.

The 'pro-life' message is out there, we get it.  You think abortion is 'murder.'  Well the Court has ruled on this too.  If you still want to try to reduce/eliminate abortions you have that right.  But like all rights it is limited by your responsibility to respect the rights of others.  Working to reduce the number of unwanted pregnancies (pretty much the only kind that leads a woman to seek an abortion) would be much more effective and would be much less likely to clash with anyone else's rights.  Think about it.