Friday, November 30, 2012

New Letter

Upon reading several recent letters I feel compelled to defend the idea of freedom FROM religion, as it is a crucial component of freedom OF religion.  No one drives past a church  and feels 'offended' and decides that churches are an affront to his freedom from religion.  Churches are part of freedom of religion. 

What everyone does believe is that s/he has the right to not have someone else's religion imposed upon him/her.  Whatever it is.  Because s/he has his/her own. You can't have freedom of religion if I'm constantly trying to impose MINE on you. 

Does that help?

Thursday, November 22, 2012

What About This?

Mandatory school attendance for adults collecting rent assistance or food stamps.  Accommodations to be made if someone has parenting responsibilities.  Classes tailored to fit what's needed by the individual in question.  High school level classes for people without diplomas.  Job skills classes for grads having trouble becoming or staying employed. 

This would also employ thousands of new teachers and support personnel.  And possibly get some people to shuddup about 'too many people on welfare.'

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Is It Too Early?

I predict that in 2016 the Democratic candidate will defeat the Republican candidate by an even wider margin than last night's result.  Why?  My guess is that they will blame Romney's loss on his not being a 'true conservative.'  And their A list of candidates is composed of those, so they will run one of them.  Probably Marco Rubio. And he will be shellacked because he will either not attempt to move toward the center, figuring that's what cost Romney, or his attempt to do so will be unconvincing.  In my opinion Romney lost because of his move to the extreme right to win the nomination.  His 'bounce' came when he moved hard toward the middle.  It was just too little, too late.  Which doesn't bode well for future Republican candidates.  Unless they actually do learn from last night.