Sunday, June 7, 2015

Well Here's a New Letter to the Editor (Imagine that) ...

Among the many 'discussion points' provided by the writer of the Sunday letter, Secular Left Has No Moral Authority On Abortion, it is his final question that I will address.

"How can a secular atheist logically question my morality when their worldview does not believe objective morality even exists?"

I can't even answer the question for him, as it rests on a flawed assumption, that 'objective morality' exists.  It doesn't; it can't.  If it did it would follow that somewhere there is an object that can be consulted when we have a question on whether or not something is 'moral.'  And further that we accept that the object can't be wrong.  No, if we wish to know whether something is or is not 'moral' we can only consult our fellow subjects.  Since no one of us is recognized as an ultimate authority we do the only thing that we can do.  We discuss, we argue.  Ultimately we decide.  Collectively.  'Morality' is subjective, as is all knowledge.