Sunday, November 17, 2013


Latest letter to editor:

A Sunday letter writer suggests (Emphasis on states' rights will improve nation) that we would be better served by having the individual states assume some of the governmental functions that he sees the Federal government as unconstitutionally and ineffectively performing.  He even asserts that the Founding Fathers had this "libertarian model" in mind when they wrote the Constitution.  While we could certainly debate the possible ramifications of delegating more authority to the states, the idea that the Founders had that in mind is curious.  They actually set out to strengthen the central government, not weaken it.  They already had a loose confederation of states with each claiming sovereignty.  What they created was a "more perfect union" with a stated purpose of, among other things, promoting the general welfare.  Probably what the author(s) of the Pledge of Allegiance were thinking when they wrote the words "One Nation, Indivisible."  No?