Friday, January 16, 2015

Here's a New One

My latest letter to the editor:

For probably the first time ever Charles Krauthammer, President Obama and I all agree on something (sort of).  Chuck and I agree that the President is 'ambivalent' about the 'war on terror.'  The President and I agree that ambivalence (at least) is the way to feel.  Because while we do despise terrorism and condemn the people and groups that practice it we also detest war.  How could we not be ambivalent?

So here's something I want you to consider.  It won't be the first time you've heard this, either.  Maybe (just maybe), after thirteen years and counting of a 'War On Terror,' with no end in sight, MAYBE we need to consider the possibility that 'War Is Not The Answer.'

You think?


  1. Forty plus years ago, LBJ declared a "war on poverty." I think it was Nixon who declared a "war on drugs". Those surely worked a treat, didn't they? A "war on terror" should follow that same, well-traveled road to nowhere.

    1. And don't forget the 'war on crime,' that continues to this day. ; )

  2. Kev; Your letter to the editor skill set is needed at Please check it out, it is a fantastic group, very powerful, very organized. Here we are just a few, but In your town it is a big group. Some big groups set up teams, such as letter to the editor teams. CCL is changing conservative minds about global warming through showing them their own ideas support tax on carbon, fee and dividend to be exact, tax the oil at the well, give all the money to the public every month, prices go up but your getting a monthly check like they do (yearly) in Alaska. The more you save with energy efficient practices or appliances when you replace one, then you save/make money. In only a few years the market works to shut off lots of coal and oil use. Look into it. It's more simple than cap and trade, less corrupt and complex than laws to restrict pollution.

  3. Kevin,
    I say disengage in the Middle East entirely! So, Iran developes a bomb- Isreal has three hundred or more of them. Let the people over there deal with ISIS...
    That is a religious war anyway.