Friday, January 9, 2015


We were talking about the upcoming Packers-Cowboys game last night and I shared my belief that the Packers could very well lose.  And the guy said to me, 'you sure don't have much faith.'

And I said well no, I suppose I don't. 

But why would I?  They're going to play Sunday.  One team will win, one will lose.  My faith or lack of same will play no part.  So it doesn't help them win.  Is it supposed to help me, so I don't 'despair' in the days before, maybe?  No need, I feel just fine.  I'll feel sad if they lose and I'll feel happy if they win but having 'faith' in the interim won't change any of that.

Am I missing something?


  1. yes, your missing the myth that believing in something obscures the rational. It hides the fact that 50/50 is not a winning formula. In the case of lottery that 1 in 800 million is not a waste of a dollar. In the case of cigarrettes that the one old aunt that smoked 60 of her 80 years proves it's not dangerous.

  2. So your friend believes your faith or lack thereof can actually sway the outcome of a game? For some reason I'm reminded of MONTY PYTHON'S LIFE OF BRIAN.

    1. Somebody I met, across the bar from me, just that once. I don't know that he thought it would sway the outcome or not. He was puzzled by my lack of faith. I'm trying to figure out what exactly he meant.

      I guess some people feel that until proven otherwise one should always feel certain that his team is going to win. Why? I don't know. But then I really don't understand faith in its primary context either.