Sunday, January 22, 2012

One More Try

I really can't decide but I'm going to force myself to predict the winners of the conference championship games.  Here goes.

NFC.  I want to take the Giants, I guess because if the Packers lose to the eventual Super Bowl champions it seems less lame.  But I'm taking the 49ers based on their better balance, home field and the fact that they're probably better suited for rain.  Still, if it turns out the Giants can run the ball and/or stop the Niners running game I think the Giants would win.  Eli should give them the edge at QB.  Both team's defenses look good right now.  49ers, 19-17. 

AFC.  The Ravens tend to be over-rated on Defense.  They're certainly better than the Patriots D, but the Patriots Offense is approximately one light year ahead of the Ravens O.  We'll see.  I'll say Patriots, 27-16.


  1. Kev,

    I think you are half-right. Patriots and Giants in the Super Bowl.


  2. Sarge called it correctly. Now we need to find out which team he thinks will win it all.