Thursday, September 8, 2011

Obama Speech

OK, I watched the whole thing.  Didn't know if I would or not.  I liked what I heard.  I certainly wasn't expecting much, I was actually expecting more caving toward the whole Republican agenda.  Now this was the guy I voted for.  What I need to see next is some fire.  Insist on this!  All of it!  Daily!  If they delay, protest and obfuscate and drag this out into the general election campaign, of course, you bludgeon their moron tea party candidate to death with that. 

It's time to start being a partisan, Mr. President, on behalf of the American people.  Make it so!


  1. The Republicans - especially McConnell, are not going to give Obama any form of success - they want him to fail; it is that simple. But, if Obama fails then America fails. That thought process doesn't occur to them.
    I firmly believe that the Republicans are out to tank the economy - they may have even gotten businesses to sit on hiring. It isn't like they aren't capable of doing just that. I mean, they stold two presidential elections in a row.....

    Fuck em...


  2. notacynic:

    Now let's see if the fire in the belly translates into a scorched earth movement against the Republicans.

  3. NAC,
    I have been waiting for Obama to stand up and say, well, anything to show that he is with the people and not the corporate interests. It is way past time that he and his Democrat colleagues kicked some Tea party/Republican ass.

  4. Well, so far I haven't heard the official reaction (had a busy day). But saw plenty of criticism on facebook. Mostly the mindless kind.