Sunday, February 12, 2017

Here's A New ...

... Letter To The Editor

I thank Jeff Bust for writing and the Wisconsin State Journal for running Sunday's column, 'I'm Still Glad I Voted For Trump.'  Very illuminating. 

His views on most issues, he declares, are "not attractive ... "  And he's tired of being "guilted" for "having a job, etc."  He has decided that any 'guilting' isn't about his unattractive (and unstated) views, which would be about him, but rather about his "finding a way to live comfortably."  So it's really about them and their unreasonableness.  

He feels "this country does not have the right to spend future taxpayers’ money."  But candidate Trump didn't campaign on fiscal responsibility and President Trump has not made it a priority.  His priorities have been a 'Muslim ban' and a border wall; features of his campaign.

Finally, "I don't like Trump either."  But, "I voted for Trump because we can't afford another president we simply like.  We need one who does something."  And "I am happier with my vote every day." 

So either doing 'something,' is all this Trump voter needs (doubtful) or, fiscal protestations aside, what he really wanted all along was what candidate Trump proposed.  So why, then, doesn't he like him?


  1. That he felt the need to tell everyone he's "still glad" is a bit revealing, as if someone was accusing him of being otherwise.

    1. I think they're all starting to feel a little pressure. Reminds me of the time I switched jobs within the place where I worked and the new one sucked. But I kept telling myself that it was 'better.' Lasted five months and I quit the whole place ...

  2. Nobody ever tried guilting me for working except the times I was shopping for groceries for an elderly home care client and paying for them with her EBT card. That was the day that I got called a lowlife welfare scum while wearing scrubs and a lanyard with my work ID badge hanging on it around my neck. I couldn't vote because of a move to a different precinct and I had nothing on election day to prove I was living in our new home. We moved Nov. 5 and annoyingly the certificate of occupancy arrived the day after election day. I won't complain about Trump, but his supporters who can't see he isn't qualified to govern even with his own behavior are fair game as far as I'm concerned.

  3. For entertainment purposes and also on the off chance I get an intel briefing before the Russians, I follow people on Twitter who have the stomach to follow Trump. I get a lot of heat from his minions but precious little by way of light.