Friday, October 3, 2014

Latest Letter to Editor

Reading the above will give you some needed context for my rebuttal letter to the editor, which follows.
A Thursday letter writer declares that the 'War on Women' is over and "the feminists won."  (He sees this as a bad thing.)
Our government, universities, corporations and the media have been "feminized," he says.  As he doesn't elaborate we must assume that the mere presence of women in these previously all-male bastions is what upsets him.
What he says next is truly mystifying.  : " ... once children have reached school age, social expectations drive women to their careers, leaving ex-husbands in charge of child rearing."  He sees this as the norm?  Whether or not 'social expectations' are the driving force behind women  seeking careers, how often are ex-husbands left in charge of child-rearing?  Or is this just something that happened to him?
Finally there is "Men, no longer the providers, are increasingly frustrated, not understanding the new role the feminists have assigned them. They don't want to compete with women, but to love, cherish and protect them."  What this guy wants is a pet, maybe a nice bunny rabbit.  Obviously he isn't capable of looking at a woman as his equal.


  1. The medieval poet got it right. When the seemingly wicked and ugly woman was asked by the night what she wanted her answer was "Sovereignty," that is, the right to make her own decisions. When the night kissed her she turned into a beautiful woman.

    What do mean want? Sovereignty, the right to make their own decisions. What do women want? Sovereignty, the right to make their own decisions. Both surrender much of their sovereignty when they go to work, but they want it back when the leave work. Sovereign powers negotiate how to respect each other's sovereignty. Try it.

    1. I typed knight with a k both times. Autocorrect does not respect my sovereignty, lol.

  2. I think it will come as a surprise to most the women that they won the war. Not sure their pay checks always indicate they won. If pet boy wants things to return to men working and women not, then the return of fair wages and a strong middle class might help a bit, return to the pay scale that one paycheck can support a family.

  3. Petboy could always move to Saudi Arabia ...