Saturday, May 3, 2014

I Know It's Free, But Still ...

Fucking blogger has kept me off of my own blog for a week now, telling me I 'don't have permission' to access it, or some such shit.  Until tonight, suddenly, OK, here you go.  I guess no wonder it's free because you sure couldn't sell such a pathetic excuse for a blog hosting service for much.


  1. Do you use Internet Explorer? I used to until Blogger started giving me all kinds of trouble about a month and a half ago. Then I switched over to Google Chrome figuring that Google owns Blogger so it must be compatible. If anything, it was worse! Finally I switched to Firefox--their homophobic boss resigned in the nick of time, thus saving me from any ethical qualms--and now it works just fine.

    A couple years ago Blogger acted up like this. They were fine-tuning things and it did lead to a better hosting service. Keep your fingers crossed.

  2. I've used Firefox right along. ; )