Saturday, September 28, 2013

New Letter

Here's another one:

A Saturday letter (Pitts too often blurs Christian biblical values) expressed concern that our "moral envelope is about to break."  Essentially the writer argues that Pitts' ideas regarding what Jesus believed and taught differ from his own.  Which is just fine, of course, except that he also evidently believes that our society is based on these 'Christian biblical values.' 

He mentions only one specific 'moral' issue, that of 'gay rights,' and that while Jesus might "accept repentant sinners of all shades" he "wouldn't sponsor a gay rights rally."

While he doesn't believe society should condone "excess and deviant behavior," he apparently is more understanding of "individuals' violent acts which come from feeling helpless or powerless," which he sees as the result of 'confusion' arising from living in an "anything goes society."

So, condemn gays, or at least, blame them for society's problems, and forgive killers because it's not their fault?  Do I have that right?


  1. Kev,
    You are asking the impossibile - To mix religion and common-sense.

    Good post!


  2. These guys are currently reacting to the Pope's statement, our paper said a few days ago some people were visiting the priests telling them they disagree with Pope. Hate is not going away among the religious, they hunt for passages that enable it, and they will find those permissions.

  3. I wonder if they'll print it. It kind of throws down the gauntlet ... ; )