Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Question: Has Obama kept all his campaign promises? 

Answer: No.  (Has anybody, ever?  Also no.)  Has he kept some?  Yes.  Which ones has he not kept that he should have? One that gets mentioned frequently is that he promised to close the prison at Guantanamo Bay and then didn't.  True enough.  Should he have?  Maybe.  I'd like to see us cede that territory back to Cuba.  We basically stole it, didn't we?  But whether we keep the territory or not I've never liked the idea of secret prisons.  I have no say in what Cuba does, or China, or Russia.  I do get to comment on what the U.S. does, though, and vote based on what the candidates say when they run for office.  Maybe Romney should promise to close Gitmo.  He could always back off it tomorrow ...

Question: Has Obama disappointed me, a 2008 and likely 2012 supporter? 
Answer: Yes.  Right from day one when he had Rick Warren at the inauguration to invoke the blessing of an almost certainly imaginary super being.  Not  that I don't understand it.  Even if he thought it was a bad idea he'd have likely done it.  Though he could have chosen somebody less 'controversial.' 

I also have been very disappointed with his administrations continued prosecution of the 'War On Drugs.'  They've even stepped it up and gone after dispensers of 'medical' marijuana in states which permit such dispensaries.  Grade: F

Question: Would I like a better candidate to vote for?

Answer: yes.  Anybody know of one?  That's actually running?  (I won't vote for Romney.)


  1. 1- He promised to raise the capitol gains tax, and to end taxes for Seniors making less than $60,000.

    2- Obamacare was a huge disappointment to me. Not the Bill itself, but it seems like he wasted soooo much time on this. He had a great two year window, it seems in the end like it was a waste.

    3- Check out Gary Johnson. I'll be honest Kevin, my beliefs may lean a little more to the right at times. And I've never made it a secret that I do not support our President. I actually spent a lot of time talking up Mitt Romney, but after the first debate, Romney lost me. I'm a big supporter of homosexual marriage equality. To listen to Romney bring up the 10th Amendment, and debate about State's rights. Only to be part of a platform, that seeks an amendment redefining marriage. It's almost sickening, and that's where Johnson comes into play. He's the Green Party (Libertarian) candidate this year. Check out his website and look at his stance on issues. I actually donated money.

  2. Pretty sure the Green Party candidate is a woman this year. Jill Stein maybe? Anyway, until they change the structure of our elections I won't be voting third party again. I sure would like a change like that ...

    1. Think you're right. My understanding is that the two are debating, I guess for whatever nomination is involved.

      I donated $50 to a guy, that may not even be on my ballet. I'm such a loser....LOLOLOLOLOL

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  4. There's a debate tonight Kev.