Sunday, September 9, 2012

God and Money

Darrell over at The Yellow Fringe mentioned that Candidate Romney has promised to leave In God We Trust on our money.  As if (wink, wink) that Godless heathen Obama with his 'War On Religion' has threatened to have it removed.  Which he of course has NOT. 

Fortunately for me I don't expect any better from our presidential candidates.  I don't need them to campaign, really.  No matter how many disappointments I can list regarding Obama, and there are several, there isn't a chance in hell I will be voting for anybody that today's Republican Party is going to be nominating anytime soon.  Romney actually had potential, as did McCain, in my opinion, but they are/were both so damned determined to pander to the far right that they might as well be Herman Cain, or Donald Trump.  They both (Romney and McCain) willingly threw away their credibility as normal, rational, free-thinking politicians to court the narrow-minded low information voter. 

McCain probably had no chance of winning anyway, 2008 was going to be a 'switch to the other party' year.  But 2012 was shaping up to be another one, already.  The old, moderate Romney would have had a decent chance of winning.  But of course he never would have gotten the Republican nomination.  Aye, there's the rub!

But anyway, I meant to write about God and Money.  Here's a question.  How many of you actually give a shit if it says In God We Trust on our money, or not?  In fact, how many of you would even notice, if it was quietly gone tomorrow?  Not a whole lot, I bet. 

And does anybody think 'God' could possibly care?  About a slogan on our money


  1. Mittens is grasping for anything he can use to undeermine Obama. His biggest problem is that he is unable and unwilling to get specific on issues - like closing corporate tax loop holes and now ObamaCare.
    He and Ryan don't even speak aa one on the isses and Ryan lies through his teeth.

    As far as the coins go - I don't give a damn whats on them - hardly ever use the things (or cash) as it is.


  2. Kevin,
    I have 11 one dollar bills my grandmother had in her purse when she died, "God" does not appear on those old bills. She spent her days singing "give me that old time religion" I'm told, she died long before my days. I don't have any evidence that the "God" bills in my pocket have done me any better job than the ones she had in hers.

  3. In God we trust! All others pay cash!

  4. I've never noticed whether or not New Zealand currency mentions God, but I don't believe it does. And it spends as readily as US currency.

  5. In god we trust was put on paper money in the 50s to differentiate US from the heathen Commies. The coins go back further.

    In God we trust! All others pay cash!
    That's what it should say if they have anything on the money other than the denomination and country.

    Personally I think it should be taken off the money. Also the license plates that some states have. Separation of church and state and all that!!