Friday, August 17, 2012


I've recently been informed that many people who go to college have their heads "filled with mush" by the professors, while there.  Here's the actual statement:

"i find the ones how go to school really dont really have the answers they domt evan have any commen scents.but they can read spell and look good on paper.but there are some how go and really do learn they do not go and let there professor fell there head with mush. That is where you get the term droids.

I'm pretty sure that's NOT where we get the term 'droids, actually.  But I digress.  Here's another quote:

(Professor Suri, History 102) "It's great to learn about history.  It's a fascinating field that tells us much about how humans interact.  But the primary reason that you're here, in this room right now and at this school, is to develop your critical thinking skills.  That is the primary purpose of higher education."

Ever hear that from the pulpit?  Or on right wing talk radio?  (Me either.)

Here's some more.  Sign displayed in Professor Allen's lecture hall, Botany 240: Plants and Man:

"The greatest impediment to education is in admitting that one doesn't know something."

Professor Graham, Botany 100:  "There is no certainty in scientific knowledge.  Just degrees of likelihood."

I'll add more as I remember them (said the droid).


  1. Everyone knows droids are what you get from rough dumps, just ask anyone. Jeeze.

  2. Kevin,
    Critical thinking skills causes people to ask questons. Like if Adam and Eve were the first two humans created by God and had two boys.
    Cain slew Abel and was banned from the Garden of Eden and went to live with these other people and raised a family.
    What other people? Was there a woman Adam was with before Eve? Where did she come from?

    The thumpers don't want to listen to qestion - God wrote it, I believe it, and that's the end of it.
    God never wrote the Bible - scribes did. And, evidence shows that scribes altered the text.

    Do I believe in God? Yes. But, I also recognize that the Bible is legend and perhaps myth.


  3. I thought you were talking about a smartphone