Monday, April 2, 2012


It has occurred to me recently that people who feel that government infringes on their liberty should think about how the 'Indians' must have felt.

Do they think, some of them anyway, 'you know what, the Indians had it about right'?  Because they didn't have much government.  Of course, they didn't need much.  Few people, lots of space, even the biggest nations were  homogeneous enough to make Hitler drool.  Who needs government in those circumstances?

But then, along came the Europeans, with their organized society and their government and their Army, infringing on the Indians' rights, in a pretty big way.  What do the Libertarians think about that?  

I'm pretty sure there's no going back, though, is there?


  1. Kevin,
    I have been on a Indian Reservation in Oklahoma.
    Partner, we as a nation should be ashamed of how we are treating our native Americans. One upside - the courts have ruled that pretty much that Indian land is sovereign native territory.
    So, casinos, oil exploration, opposition to the Keystone X pipeline, tribal license plates, no state tax tobacco sold - All of that is happening and the state and federal government is all but powerless to stop it.
    Gotta love that.


  2. What would be interesting is if we could somehow see what the two 'societies' would be like today, if Europeans had stayed in Europe. Would the Americas have stayed 'unspoiled'? Europe's population would have had to have been checked, though they finally did accomplish that.

    I guess the question is, what would have happened if the Europeans had made contact and established trade, but left it at that?

  3. hey where you been? I just finished my book, "Who Shot Kirov", wasn't the best book I plowed through this year but it was interesting and informative. I might right up a little description and hang it on my blog in the next couple days.

  4. So who did shoot Kirov? Was it the Butler?

    My internet connection was down a couple days and I haven't been posting much in general, largely because of facebook. I'm working on that. ; )