Tuesday, March 13, 2012


I'm already about half way through a biography of Curtis LeMay.  It's only about half as many pages as the Adams book and the pages are less than half as full.  I think I needed a quick read like this.

So far LeMay is a very uncomplicated character.  It's July 1943.  We'll see what happens next.  ;  ) 

On tap are a couple that I ordered from Amazon last night, about the making of the modern middle east.


  1. There's a name and person I have not heard of for a very long time, and for that matter never knew hardly anything about.

    Liked you comments on your Adams read, an amazing person.

  2. Kevin,
    I will be interested to read your thoughts on Curtis Lemay.
    Now, from a Air Force (biased, yes) retiree - Lemay is looking upon with great respect for building Strategic Air
    Command into what it became - a powerful deterrent to nuclear war. Remember the times we lived in back in the 50's and 60's with the "big bad bear" over there with all those missile pointed at us. SAC served its purpose and then as the Air Force evolved - SAC, as we once knew it,
    went away. But, make no mistake, Lemay's impact on Air Force doctrine still remains...
    As to Lemay - He brought great discredit upon himself during the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962. The man wanted to start WWIII right then. He later ran on a presidential ticket with Alabama's George Wallace as his VP pick.

    Nuke Selma?