Monday, February 13, 2012


Anybody want to guess what that number represents?


  1. I will take two chances. 1) number of votes separating Romney from Santorum in all the states counted so far. 2) The 2016 median income of the American worker after the GOP kills all unions, cripples labor laws and equal pay laws, and throw out minimum wage laws.

  2. All right, time's up. I should reveal the answer while it's still true.

    5,717 represents the number of consecutive days I have gone without a drink. After today it will be 5,718. ; )

  3. Kevin,
    I find it strange that you are a recovering alcholic and also a bartender. But, that is praiseworthy as most dried
    out drunks equate use with abuse. I was hounded to death over booze in the Air Force and damned lucky to retire -
    the things that saved my ass was all of my drunken debauchery was done off duty and my performance on duty was
    outstanding - retired with the Meritorious Service Medal.
    I never accepted the tag of "alcoholic". If you and booze don't mix - then stay away from the stuff.
    5,718 displays some damned good determination.

    Carry on,


    I am drinking a beer right now. Tomorrow I have shit to do and a 6PM meeting - no booze. No booze planned for Thursday
    either. Now, I have some kick ass blackberry wine I might hit with breakfast...



  4. Sarge, because someone does their work has nothing to do with if they are an alcoholic or what ever label is used. I think people that drink to an excess and still get their work done are "high functioning alcoholics". They are better for society and in some ways for themselves than those that lay in the yard with the dog because they can't get to their feet to go inside. (did that once in Sweden, a beautiful big white dog it was) But too much drink takes a lot of cash, and it adds to a variety of health problems. Be careful.
    Keep up the work Kev.

  5. Couple things Sarge. I never use the term 'recovering alcoholic,' though I was sort of 'trained' to, way back when. That's AA talk and I don't do AA. The way I look at it, I used to drink, it was fucking me up, so I stopped. Not all at once, not necessarily easily, but I did. I used to drink, now I don't.

    Which leads into the second thing; being around booze and other people drinking doesn't bother me even a little bit. Sometimes it amuses me, watching what some of them do. Sometimes it makes me sad. Most of the time I don't even think about it. In a Hotel bar I don't see a lot of people sitting there all night getting smashed.

    As to 'alcoholic,' I'll accept the term, I guess, but I don't know what it means. Different things to different people, I think. All I know is I like my life better booze-free.

    For now at least. ; )

  6. Darrell, I'd like to hear more about you and that dog. I think. ; )