Sunday, August 14, 2011


We buried my friend Ron today.  Well, actually he was cremated earlier in the week and we had a service for him today.

We found out in April, I guess, that he had cancer.  It started in his lungs and by the time he was diagnosed it had spread to his bones, lymph nodes and brain.  They were using the term "stage four" which didn't sound promising for a recovery and I guess his surviving only about 15 weeks from then isn't too surprising, despite a round of radiation and chemo.

Ron would have been 49 this September 2nd and while 49 is much too young to be done he did live a very full life; one of those guys who really does, I'm sorry, did, squeeze every last drop out of every day.  If he had a chance to do anything over he may have decided that not smoking would be a good idea, but I wouldn't bet on it.  I think he realized that he had contributed to his cancer and accepted it as "part of the deal."  He seemed to be very much at peace when I talked to him last.

I'm going to miss him.    


  1. I had a friend three years ago who was diagnosed with lung cancer which had matasticized in the same manner as your friend Ron. He lasted from September to December. I am sorry that you lost your friend at such a young age.

  2. Thanks Whit. Cancer sucks. What can we say?

  3. This made me sad, and I didn't know Ron at all. I wish his family and friends well.

  4. Thanks Darrell. It was a sad thing but, in the end, life goes on.