Thursday, July 7, 2011

Don't Mess With Texas!

Texas is an interesting state.  Today they executed a death sentence on a Mexican citizen, in spite of the fact, as it turns out, that he was denied one (at least) of his rights under the U.S. Constitution, which states that " ... all Treaties made, or which shall be made, under the Authority of the United States, shall be the supreme Law of the Land; and the Judges in every State shall be bound thereby, any Thing in the Constitution or Laws of any State to the Contrary notwithstanding."

The right which this Mexican citizen was denied concerns a foreign treaty, the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations, for what that's worth, and states that all foreign nationals have the right to "counsel with their consul."  ;  )

Texas, Governor Rick Perry in particular, feels that in Texas they do whatever they want; the federal government can't dictate to them, foreign governments sure as hell can't.  Perry, at times, when his poll numbers are dropping I suppose, will trot out the old secession talk.  So I started thinking about that.

Suppose we said, you want out?  OK, you're out.  Texas, you are now a foreign country, to us.  And keep your damn "citizens" out of our country!  Then we build a wall.  A nice high one.  And we put some signs up, No Texans Allowed!  We require any Texan that wishes to travel in the U.S. to get a passport.  If any Texan wishes to move to the U.S. he must go through a lengthy and somewhat arbitrary approval process.  If any Texan is found in the U.S. and cannot produce the necessary passport or proof of citizenship, or some sort of "work permit" he is to be immediately tossed into a jail, which will be run by a warden who hates Texans.  He'll get to appear before a judge and explain himself.  Eventually. 

Think that's what he has in mind?



  1. No way that is his intent. His intent is to be an ignorance magnet, and that bar was set pretty low already by Palin and bat shit crazy Bachmann. Get those tea baggers and constitutionalist (who carry a copy like it was Mao's little red book) rounded up and see how much money they want to give him. If it's enough, he wants to run for Prez., which presents a problem in logic. How can he and his supporters who hate the US so much they do not comply with the laws, and want to leave the union, now claim to love it so much they want to run it? Actually, that won't be a problem at all with the circle he jerks in.

  2. Perry is the darling of the extreme far right - however, he upset some of his conservative base with proceeding with this execution. The man's execution, however was as political statement by Perry. Basically, I can do what I want and Obama, and the world can kiss my ass.
    Lastly, like GW, ordering an execution gave Perry a sense of power...


  3. Gee it sounds like all of the officials in San Francisco. Ignoring all federal immigration law even going as far as not to report felons in their jails who are illegal to the INS.

  4. Yes, any illegal immigrants from Texas will be deported. :^D

  5. Typical left wing blog site...deletes my comment because he disagrees with me.


  6. Darrell I think we agree on what Perry's motives are. I was trying to point out, for anyone who needs it, that secession would be unfeasible for any state. The non-deep thinkers likely figure they could have it both ways: rights and privileges of membership but no responsibilities.

    For example, how much emergency aid did Texas receive this past spring from tornadoes or fires (or both)? Kiss that goodbye. How fast could they raise an Army? (A real one, I mean, with modern weapons, tanks, surveillance equipment, etc. Even if we assume it's doable it would be enormously expensive. Then there would be the need for a Navy, a Coast Guard, an Air Force. Good luck! Plus, this is already a state that gets more money back from Washington then they send in.

    Don't mess with Texas!

  7. Sarge, the capital punishment issue is a complex one and I should probably do a separate post on that. I was mostly trying to get to Texas secession and this case got me started.

    Part of Perry's reasoning involved politics, no doubt. Texans like to think of themselves as separate from the rest of the country and Perry plays to that. It can certainly also be seen as Perry remaining consistent as he no doubt campaigned on being "tough on crime" and "pro-capital punishment." I really wonder, though, what the harm would have been in waiting a couple weeks. Other than making him appear "weak."

  8. "Gee it sounds like all of the officials in San Francisco. Ignoring all federal immigration law even going as far as not to report felons in their jails who are illegal to the INS."

    OK, a bit vague here. "It" sounds like "all" of the officials in San Francisco. Ignoring "all" federal immigration law ... "

    By "it" I guess you mean this case? And this case reminds you of events in San Francisco where I am to understand there is some non-compliance occurring regarding immigration policy and reporting procedures? (We can talk about the likelihood of it being "all" of the officials and "all" laws sometime, if you like.)

    I guess I don't really have a reply here without further input from you. What are you trying to say? "Everybody's" doing it so why pick on Texas? Something like that?

  9. Whit, as I think you picked up on, what I'm saying is let's apply immigration law to them, exactly as they want it applied to Mexican immigrants now. (In this hypothetical world which is not coming anytime soon.) If nothing else it may be a lesson for some of them in perspective.

  10. Anonymous Chris (Chris P., from facebook?) I can only guess what your comment refers to. You made a comment here and it isn't showing up. Several possibilities come to mind, one of which I can rule out, that being that I have not deleted any comments. I don't know how typical that would be, of any particular mindset or blogs in general but it really doesn't matter. The day I have to delete a comment because I'm unable to respond to it is the day I give up altogether.

    The two things that DO come to mind, for me, is that a) blogspot "loses" comments and even whole posts somewhat routinely, and b) it's not impossible that you missed a step. ; )

    Or even c) you don't have an account on blogspot and you're being fucked with. ; )

    p.s. Sometimes posts and comments go missing and then reappear. Check back in a couple days if you want.

  11. I am pro death penalty, but the rules of engagement are as such to be sure that everyone (regardless of origin) receive a fair trial. I don't like it, and I'm glad he's dead, but the rules are the rules.
    Maybe Texas and Arizona will start their own country! Wouldn't that be nice. Of course, they'd have to get New Mexico involved also or there's going to be a border issue.

  12. BC, I could live with the death penalty (grin) if I could KNOW that it would always be applied absolutely fairly and that no innocent person would ever be put to death. But I can't ever know that, I can't even believe it.

    Plus, I still don't see it as necessary. We can protect ourselves from the worst of the worst AND punish them, to my satisfaction at least, without killing them. It just strikes me as something that we don't have a right to do.

    Getting back to whether or not it can ever be applied fairly, I ask the following hypothetical question. Suppose we had the Casey Anthony case all over again. Same weak case. Same jury. Same virtual certainty that she did it. Only, she's Black or Latina and three quarters ugly.

    Think they still acquit? I don't. And I say that without thinking the jury are bad people or prejudiced or racist. The more I see psychological test results and study criminal justice statistics the more I believe that it's part of the human condition to hate/fear the "other" and feel affinity for people that look like ourselves. And in a racially diverse society like ours that doesn't bode well for minority defendants.

    What do you think?

  13. p.s. Texnewmexizona. It has a nice sound. ; )

  14. There are cases where I'd rather not see the death penalty. The murders here in Cheshire, CT for one. The accused attempted suicide a few times and wanted the death penalty so as to not have to live with what he did. In that case, I say, put him in solitary with absolutely no human contact for a few months and let him go mad.

    As far as minorities go, I think O.J Simpson was black, but otherwise, yes, I think Casey would be on death row right now if she was a minority. It's a lot tougher in Florida than it is in California.

  15. Yes, I thought of OJ, but of course he was a celebrity, a sports "hero." And rich, with a legal "dream team." Doesn't hurt. ; )

  16. Kevin,
    From time to time I make small donations 10, 25, to political efforts, close races that look like a little boost can make a difference. Act Blue is collecting money in a general share the wealth fund for all the dems running in the recalls in Wisc. Question; do you think most likely will win, lose, or will it be a squeeker?

  17. I read a piece recently that predicted that two Republicans likely will go down but at least one of the Democrats is vulnerable too. I haven't seen that much in the way of polling.

    The Dems appear to be better organized right now and have started the TV ads already. I haven't seen anything yet from the Repubs, though they have a plan, I'm sure.

    It's hard to predict at this point. Nine races and the Dems need to win six to swing it to a Democratic majority (and give us a big case of gridlock.)

    Still, gridlock isn't the worst possible situation. ; )

  18. Yep, right on the money. I'd happily hold the door for those folks who want to leave the union. Adios...