Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Well ...

... I'm back.  1,100 miles driven, one 50 question test taken (I killed it), some Jeopardy playing and an interview.  I think I'm in.  Won't know until I find out.  ;  )


  1. One gold star on your chart...


    Now get on there and show us what ya got.

  2. Oh! I hope so! I want to brag to people that I sort of know a Jeopardy Contestant. LOL.

    It would be cool if you did make it and we can all say we knew you when. Sort of.

  3. 1100 miles? My condolences to your backside. Hopefully it'll turn out to be worth it.

  4. 1100 miles? Doesn't sound like fun, but hopefully it pans out. Do you have a fear of flying or just wanted to tour the US at the same time?

  5. Thanks, one and all. It's been fun so far and if I get on the show it'll only get better.

    Yes I drove instead of flying. No I'm not afraid of flying, I actually enjoy flying. I've been up in a helicopter, a hot-air balloon, a DC-8, various big jets (but never a small plane, which I think would be the best).

    If I can drive there in a day, that's what I'll do. Think about it. First of all, Monday was the first day of school so I couldn't get started until 3:50. I suppose I could have found a late flight, but, I still would have spent the rest of the day getting there. Nobody in KC to pick me up and get me to the hotel. So, cab or rental car. Have to get from the hotel to the Jeopardy test in a different hotel, so, rental car still or another cab. Then, waiting for a flight home instead of just taking right off, like I did.

    $120 for gas, only a little more time spent, if any, and I like driving on the Interstate. Load up some CDs and away I go!